NEW – We Demand Winona Divest from Policing and Invest in our Collective Care 

About Community Not Cages

Community Not Cages is a consensus-based community network of artists, students, researchers, teachers, parents, and dreamers. We have committed to public research for the dual purpose of political education and to guide elected officials to invest in our community and divest from the prison industrial complex. We work in coalition with a number of organizations to envision structural change and reshape public safety in Winona County. 

Abolition of the prison industrial complex (PIC) is “a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment” (Critical Resistance). We seek to educate, agitate, and organize to localize these practices. Our current aims are: to invest in the community, not incarceration, demand robust community feedback outside of the criminal justice system, and fight future proposals to include juvenile detention center

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