If You’re New to Abolition

The Abolition Journal put together a study guide to help people new to abolition explore the concepts of a world without prisons and police.

Critical Resistance

Critical Resistance is a grassroots movement to abolish the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC).


MPD150 is a Minneapolis-based abolitionist initiative. Their resources page is filled with articles, books, and media.

Prison Policy Initiative

The Prison Policy Initiative is a non-profit that compiles research about criminal justice reform and mass criminalization.

Abolition for the People

Read 30 stories from organizers, prisoners, scholars, and advocates about abolition and investing in community over incarceration.

Beyond Prisons

The Beyond Prisons podcast explores abolition and incarceration by amplifying the stories of people directly impacted by the carceral system.


#8toAbolition presents 8 points towards abolition and transformation of our communities written by abolitionists across the U.S.


Learn more about No New Youth Jail Coalition’s work to prevent a youth jail facility in King County, WA.

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