Say No to Police Surveillance

Community Not Cages opposes the normalization of state surveillance and Winona County’s access to a FLIR, a drone equipped with heat sensing technology.  On Tuesday, January 26th, the County Board will conduct a Public Hearing in regards to the Sheriff’s Dept. adding another “unmanned aerial vehicle” or drone to their fleet.  This drone allows visualContinue reading “Say No to Police Surveillance”

Visions for 2021

“…we have to understand that there is value in trying, not in winning. It’s important to recognize small victories and celebrate them and one another…Trying to change things has a value in and of itself.” Cedric and Elizabeth Robinson “The World We Want” 2020: Looking Back to Envision the Future   Winona Community Not Cages developedContinue reading “Visions for 2021”