Call to Action: Winona HRC

The Winona Human Right Commission will be bringing their “Zero Youth Incarceration” resolution to the City Council. We urge you to contact council members and the mayor and let them know you support this resolution. You are welcome to use the following email script in contacting officials. Send to all council members and mayor usingContinue reading “Call to Action: Winona HRC”

Claim and Rebuttal Statement

Community Not Cages’ Response to County Attorney Karin Sonneman’s “February 17, 2021: A Response to Concerns Regarding Juvenile Detention in Winona County” Claim: “There are currently no actual plans in the works to design and build a juvenile facility here in Winona County.” Rebuttal: As Winona Post Editor Chris Rogers documents, “minutes from the JailContinue reading “Claim and Rebuttal Statement”

Call to Action: Say No to Investing in a New Winona Police Station

On March 3, the front page of the Post announced the proposal to explore costs to build a new police station. Does this investment serve our community? Community Not Cages opposes investment in a new police station. We reject the branding of police as “public safety.” Public safety is investment in more non-coercive mental healthContinue reading “Call to Action: Say No to Investing in a New Winona Police Station”

Petition: No Juvenile Detention Center

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the building of a juvenile detention center. We want to invest in a safe and healthy environment for all children and divest in Winona’s carceral system. We refuse to invest in a future of harm toward children. We demand that funds planned to be used for the juvenile detentionContinue reading “Petition: No Juvenile Detention Center”

Say No to Police Surveillance

Community Not Cages opposes the normalization of state surveillance and Winona County’s access to a FLIR, a drone equipped with heat sensing technology.  On Tuesday, January 26th, the County Board will conduct a Public Hearing in regards to the Sheriff’s Dept. adding another “unmanned aerial vehicle” or drone to their fleet.  This drone allows visualContinue reading “Say No to Police Surveillance”

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Visions for 2021

“…we have to understand that there is value in trying, not in winning. It’s important to recognize small victories and celebrate them and one another…Trying to change things has a value in and of itself.” Cedric and Elizabeth Robinson “The World We Want” 2020: Looking Back to Envision the Future   Winona Community Not Cages developedContinue reading “Visions for 2021”