Call to Action: Say No to Investing in a New Winona Police Station

On March 3, the front page of the Post announced the proposal to explore costs to build a new police station. Does this investment serve our community?

Community Not Cages opposes investment in a new police station. We reject the branding of police as “public safety.” Public safety is investment in more non-coercive mental health services, addiction services, and the expansion of the alternative crisis response team.

Members of Community Not Cages worked toward the creation of the alternative crisis response–confidential, unarmed professionals, who are not part of the police department, who respond to certain low-level calls instead of police–and are opposed to any potential plans to house the team there.

We argue that this would be an extension of the very institution we are advocating to replace. We do not support the inclusion of the police, fire department, and alternative crisis teams in a shared building, as we do not want policing to impact other public services.

We urge you to contact all the city council members and make clear you do not support a financial investment in a larger police station.

Winona City Council Members Contact is available below:

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