Call to Action: Winona HRC

The Winona Human Right Commission will be bringing their “Zero Youth Incarceration” resolution to the City Council. We urge you to contact council members and the mayor and let them know you support this resolution. You are welcome to use the following email script in contacting officials. Send to all council members and mayor using the following email addresses: 

Hello Council Members and Mayor, 

My name is {insert name} and I am a resident of Winona. On April 7th, 2021 the Winona Human Rights Commission voted unanimously to adopt a “zero youth incarceration” resolution. The resolution urges county commissioners to “reject any and all efforts to build, renovate, and/or in any other way support the development of, a juvenile detention facility in Winona County.” I am writing to you today to voice my support for this resolution. Winona County can choose to invest in growing and maintaining systems of harm, or it can invest in addressing the root causes of social oppression in our community. I urge you and the City Council to adopt the resolution and work towards gaining county support for the measures. We want to invest in things that keep us all safe: housing, child care, youth centers, education programs, family support and counseling. 

{Insert personal relationship to this decision, storytelling is incredibly impactful Thank you, 

{insert name}

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